Church by the Bay

Our History

Church by the Bay started in September 2011 as a church 'plant' from Moorlands Church in Lancaster.

Between 2005 and 2011, Moorlands had grown from about 15 people to over 150 people in student term time. Alongside the growth of the church in Lancaster, a growing number of Moorlands members were living on the Morecambe side of the river Lune.

Convinced that church-planting (starting brand new churches) is the most effective way of reaching new people with the good news of Jesus Christ, it was a logical step to start thinking about starting a new church in Morecambe.

Gerry Straker, the Assistant Pastor at Moorlands, moved to Morecambe in 2008 with his wife Catherine, with a view to starting a new church there. In the summer of 2010, Moorlands Church decided that we would go ahead and start a new church.  A team of people from Moorlands who lived in the Morecambe area were freed up to join the work, and the launch team started meeting in September 2010 as a Morecambe Real Food (Bible study) group, to start planning the new church.

The launch team met regularly to pray for Church by the Bay and the people of Morecambe, to learn more about what the Bible teaches about evangelism (telling people about Jesus Christ) and spent lots of time getting to know people in our area.

On 11th September 2011 we started meeting on Sunday mornings as a distinct church. In September 2012 we moved to our current Sunday morning venue: West End Primary School.