Church by the Bay

What we're about

In the Bible, in the book of Ephesians, we see that Church is massive: it’s what God is doing in this world. Church is:

  • Christ’s body for Him to rule (1:22-23)         
  • God’s victory over the devil (3:10)
  • God’s eternal purpose (3;11)
  • Why Jesus Christ died (3:11)
  • For God’s glory (3:20-21)
  • Christ’s bride for Him to love and care for (5:25-27; 31-32)

And what's true for the Church Universal (God's people in every time and place) is true of local Church. And so, as Christians enjoy and serve our Heavenly Father, local church is what we’re to do in this world. 


We do Church by: 

1.  Word

Christ preaches (2:17); Christ gave preachers (2:20); Christ gives preachers (4:11); Christ wants the Church to preach (4:15). It’s the Word of God that makes new disciples and grows disciples. When the Word of God is the first thing in a Church, then everything else we should be doing will follow.

2.  Family

 God’s Word creates Family. There are three ways we are to be Family:         

  • Live together. We are to be close enough together to need the command to bear with one another (4:2-3)!        
  • Welcome in.  We are welcomed into the family (2:18) and so we want to be a thoroughly welcoming family.
  • Go out. Jesus went to get us (2:17). We can’t wait until people come to us! We need to speak God's Word and show people God's Family. 

3. Training

We all need training as all of us are to do the work of ministry (4:12-13), so that we will be united and mature as a Church as we obey Christ more and more. 

And everything we do is to be surrounded by prayer (6:18). 

That’s what we’re about as Church by the Bay.


Local Church is what Christians are to be doing, and to that end our mission statement is about gathering local people into God's Church for His glory: 

Our mission is to go into the world – and first Morecambe and the Bay area – and make disciples by speaking the good news of Jesus, and so gather people into God’s Church to bring glory to Him.