What we're about

Cherish Christ by hearing the gospel

At Church by the Bay, we're convinced that ordinary people like us can really know God and all His blessings of forgiveness, security, purpose, life after death and more! God has chosen to speak to us so we can know Him, through His Word, the Bible. The Bible is one book, with one story and one hero: Jesus Christ. 

When he hear the Bible preached, we hear the gospel (good news). First we hear some hard home truths about our desperate situation. But we also hear the wonderful news of God's love for undeserving people, when Jesus Christ, the son of God, took upon Himself our wrongdoing against God and faced our punishment in our place. Christians delight in Christ, and hearing more about Him and getting to know Him more, we cherish Christ. 

We believe that the Bible preaching in church is Jesus' special way of addressing us as His people, and that the children of believers are a part of that people, the church. And because of these two things, our children stay in for the whole Sunday service, so they can hear Jesus speak in the sermon. 

Loving Christ's Church by living the gospel

This gospel (good news) changes everything. God gives us His Holy Spirit to change people so we might become the people God designed us to be. And as Christ Jesus brings people to God our Father, we are brought to a brand new family of brothers and sisters. Jesus commands us to love one another  - that is what makes the Church so special. A new family united by Jesus and called by Jesus to love one another.  

Change Christ's world by preaching the gospel 

This world belongs to Christ. He rose from the dead and He is in charge of the universe and will one day judge the living and the dead. The desperate need of our world is to hear the good news that Jesus came to help us. He is the doctor who can cure our heart sickness - He can take away our wrongdoing against God and the punishment it deserves. This message of rescue will change lives, and change the world as it has been doing for centuries.