As a church we are committed to training gospel workers. We believe that it's our duty to train Christians for works of service (Ephesians 4:12), so the church is built up in unity and maturity.

Training for all believers

Every Christian has a role to play in building up the church. The Christian life is a life of service, and we want to serve God as best we can in every way.

Amongst other things, we have regular training for:

  • Leaders and Preachers
  • Bible Teachers
  • Sunday School Leaders

We also have occasional training for all aspects of church life.

Throughout the year we enjoy men's nights and women's nights, where we help each other work out how better to live for Christ.

We are committed to training the next generation of gospel workers and so we take our children’s work very seriously.

Ministry Trainee Scheme

A vital part of our training is our Ministry Trainee Scheme. This is a one or two-year programme for those considering full time Christian ministry. We are fully convinced that the world needs more well-equipped, well-prepared Bible teachers, and it’s the local churches responsibility to raise up and train leaders who will themselves pass on the baton of gospel ministry.

Our Ministry Trainee Scheme equips young men and women for a lifetime of gospel service. There is training, including weekly theological training at the North West Partnership Ministry Training Course, experience, and practical tasks. Find out more here.