We love to welcome people on Sundays, whatever stage their thinking is at: people with nagging questions about the meaning of life; people wondering about whether there's a God and if so what He's like; people wondering about what Christianity is really all about; people who've never looked into the Bible's claims as an adult; and people who don't think of themselves as 'churchy.' We would love to see you and we think you'd be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Currently we meet at Westgate Primary School, LA4 4XF, at 10:30am. We have a risk assessment that you can read here

And in case you're wondering, we're very relaxed at Church by the Bay - there's no dress code!


At Church By The Bay we believe that the Bible preaching in church is Jesus' special way of addressing us as His people, and that the children of believers are a part of that people, the church. And because of these two things, our children stay in for the whole Sunday service, so they can hear Jesus speak in the Bible talk. We provide quiz sheets and colouring for the children to help them listen. Also, during the Bible talk there are items for the kids to spot! 

After our church service, there's some time for children to play while everyone enjoys drinks and treats, before they head off to age-specific teaching in C3 Kids (primary school age) and C3 Tots (preschool age).

What happens at a Church by the Bay meeting

We don't do anything complicated or mystical. We try and explain what we are doing. On every Sunday we:

  • Read the Bible.
  • Listen to a talk on the Bible (sometimes called a sermon).
  • Pray to God to say sorry for not living his way, to thank him for all He's done, and to ask for His help.
  • Sing together to thank God and to encourage each other.
  • Share bread and wine as Jesus commanded the Church. All Christians are welcome to share this with us, If you're not a Christian please feel free to simply watch and listen. 

We do all this to bring honour to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The meeting doesn't stop after the last hymn. We carry on meeting together over refreshments, to get to know each other better and chat about what we've just heard from the Bible talk. Finally, after refreshments, we separate into age-specific teaching groups for about 40 minutes; there's a group for pre-school age (C3 Tots), primary school age (C3 Kids), and adults.

We'd love to have the opportunity to get to know you better, so please do stay around afterwards.