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Soli Deo Gloria


We really enjoyed this series on the truths of the Bible, rediscovered in the Reformation. 

The Reformation began in earnest, in Germany in 1517 when a man called Martin Luther pinned on the door of a church in Wittenberg  95 statements of what needed to be changed in the church, for debate. The Reformation brought accurate teaching of the Bible, for the first time for hundreds of years. Churches had moved very far away from what Jesus taught his disciples. Martin Luther read and preached the Bible in its original languages and he saw that things in the church needed to change urgently. Luther showed that the Bible said that Jesus did everything for our salvation, and we cannot doanything to earn God’s love.

Sunday 22 October 2017:           Faith Alone
Wednesday 25 October 2017:   Scripture Alone
Friday 27 October 2017:             Reformation Party
Sunday 29 October 2017:           Grace Alone
Sunday 5 November 2017:         Christ Alone
Wednesday 8 November 2017:   Glory to God Alone

NB the two Wednesday meetings have comprehensive handouts, that you can download and follow as you go. 

If you're wondering why we did a series in Church history, when we're all about the Bible at Church by the Bay then either listen to Introduction 1 below or have a read here

If you're wondering why we did a series on the Reformation, then either listen to Introduction 2 below or have a read here.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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