Announcing a new venue

By Gerry Straker, 23 Oct 2020

Announcing a new venue

Meeting together is so important. The physical gathering of church is not a bonus for some of us who can make it, rather it’s what we were created and saved for. Many blessings attend us when we attend Church! Read more on the theology of the body here.

Convinced of this, on 5th July 2020, the first Sunday we could, we went back to meeting together physically in a covid-secure way, along with a livestream for those who were unable to join us yet.

However, one of the sadnesses for Church by the Bay was that we couldn’t all fit in at one service in our Church hall; our Church family couldn’t all be in the same room together at the same time.

This means we’ve been looking to find a new venue for the next few months while this strange time continues, and by God’s grace, we are pleased to announce that we will be meeting at the Alhambra, Marine Road West, LA4 4EU. Our first meeting will be 10am on Sunday 8th November.

 This is such great news:

  • We can all meet together in a big enough building;
  • We can share communion;
  • We can welcome our new babies;
  • We can have a band;
  • It’s massive, so you will feel very comfortable and safe;
  • This will be a great opportunity for more people to come back;
  • And we have plenty of space to welcome brand new people in to join us.

Of course, we are delighted, and we continue to take everyone's safety and concerns seriously. Please do read the new Risk Assessment here.

No doubt there will be  - from a human point of view – things that are not perfect, but join us in thanking God! We are convinced this will be well worth it! Remembering the theology of the body and why we are doing this will help us to be positive, flexible and united, as we get ready to gather together once again. 

To reassure those who feel they still should still stay away on medical grounds, we will miss you and we will continue to provide an online service.


  • Thank God for this amazing opportunity!
  • Thank God for the owner and volunteers at the Alhambra;
  • Pray for Churches in England to be allowed to continue to meet;
  • Pray for Churches in Wales currently closed;
  • Pray for those working hard to bring this together;
  • Pray for unity and love across our Church.