Church by the Bay has moved!

By Gerry Straker, 09 May 2021

Church by the Bay has moved!

We’re delighted to announce that from Sunday 16th May 2021 we are now meeting at Westgate Primary School, LA4 4XF.

Meeting together is so important. The physical gathering of church is not a bonus for some of us who can make it, rather it’s what we were created and saved for. Many blessings attend us when we attend Church! Read more on the  theology of the body.

We are very grateful to West End Primary school, where we met from September 2012 until March 2020. On 5th July 2020, the first Sunday we could, we went back to meeting together physically in a covid-secure way, along with a livestream for those who were unable to join us yet at our Church building – but we had to have two meetings in order to socially distance. From December 2020 we began to meet at the Alhambra temporarily.

Westgate Primary School will be our fourth home in 14 months! We are so grateful to God that we have a bigger space to grow into in the coming months and years.  

For now, social distancing will continue, and we continue to take everyone's safety and concerns seriously.

You can expect a warm welcome and an arrival drink as well as refreshments afterwards. Please book in week by week here. Livestreaming will continue here for a few more weeks.



  • Thank God for this good news!
  • Thank God for Westgate Primary School;
  • Thank God for our time at the Alhambra, and for the years at West End Primary;
  • Pray for those working hard to bring this together;
  • Pray for unity and love across our Church.